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Turtle Creek Casino
  • $5 – $500
  • 10X Odds
  • Free buy on the 4 & 10
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  • $3 – $100
  • $5 – $200
  • $25 – $500

Other limits available upon request.

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Let It Ride

Bonus Let it Ride w/Three Card Bonus

  • $5 – $25
  • Three Card Bonus $1 – $10
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  • Inside: – $1 – $25
  • Outside: – $1 – $500
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Daily Games

Holy Classic, Batman!

batmanBatman is coming to Turtle Creek Casino! We are proud to be the first Northern Michigan casino to bring this to the gaming floor.

This slot game has all the Pow! of a progressive with the Bam! of one of the hottest titles ever to hit the casino floor. Adam West’s legendary Batman will send you spinning through the rogue’s gallery of iconic villains: The Joker, Catwoman and The Riddler.

But let’s talk details. You will vie for a $250,000 multi-site progressive. The games are 25-line, 250-credit max bet in denominations of 1¢, 2¢ and 5¢. Each player gets their own wheel, plus a bonusing wheel for the game-bank. Bonus mini-games will let you join the Dynamic Duo in crime-fighting exploits against their arch enemies.
All the while, sounds, scenes and music from the show will entertain you, grab your attention, and let everyone know there’s a Wonder in the house.

na na na na na na na na…Batman!

New Slots Coming Soon

Avatar and The Walking Dead will be appearing on the Turtle Creek Gaming Floor soon!

Avatar takes you right in the midst of the Na’vi warriors. You can track your progress and achieve additional game content as you advance – just like a video game. Hunt the forest for more credits, take flight and tame a banshee or choose a warrior to collect symbols for a prize.

Zombies are taking over the gaming floor! The Walking Dead slot machine puts right in the middle of the gritty post-apocolyptic world with a chance to escape with some major jackpots!